10 of my favourite travel memories

Back in 2013, when I first started this blog, a post on Quora inspired me to think about my most memorable travel experiences. I’m re-publishing my list here. There’s definitely a food and drink theme, but also an emphasis on simple pleasures.

MARRAKECH – Sitting on the roof of our riad, watching the sun set while listening to the call to prayer echo across the city. Then, the next day, in stark contrast, sipping fresh mint tea huddled around a fire with our hosts in the snowy Atlas Mountains.

CASSIS – Staying up all night in Marseille railway station waiting for the first train home after a visit to medieval Arles. Descending into Cassis at dawn and arriving at the edge of the town’s small harbour just in time to grab the first coffee of the morning.

UDAIPUR – Arriving at our hotel after an overnight train journey from Agra to discover a tranquil paradise with fountains flowing and a musician playing a santoor in the garden. Then enjoying the perfect Indian meal looking out over Lake Pichola.

SPLIT – Getting up early to walk around the Diocletian Palace and explore its narrow streets before my fellow tourists. Sitting with a cup of coffee as the palace came to life.

REYKJAVIK – Arriving at an unassuming looking building after a day saturating in the Blue Lagoon to find a warm, inviting and smartly designed hostel inside with delicious local beer, much needed food and friendly locals.

PARIS – Exploring on foot in the late summer sun. Escaping the tourist trail and finding local cafés to sample the city’s cuisine.

KENYA – Waking before dawn to watch the sunrise on an early morning drive around Samburu National Reserve. Stumbling, almost by accident, across a proud elephant and its week-old offspring.

BORDEAUX – Crowding around a kitchen table in a farmhouse in Bordeaux enjoying enormous portions of our home-cooked food and large glasses of wine purchased on our tours of the local vineyards.

GRANADA – Climbing through Moorish Albayzín on a scorching day, stopping for cold drinks in little bars along the way. Watching the Alhambra slowly change colour at the top as the sun dropped below the horizon.

PORTO – Sitting on the banks of the Douro River for the Festival of Saint John, watching the crowds grow, the wine flow and the sun silhouette the city.

I’ll likely update this in the next few months.