Maximising our opportunities to travel

We recently moved home, and with finances a little tighter we’ve had to look for new opportunities to cut costs to fund our love of travel.

Switching our electricity, gas and broadband suppliers immediately saved us more than £35 a month, which will add up to a long weekend break over the course of a year. 

Changes to our bank accounts and cancelling a couple of under-used subscriptions has contributed another £300.

Cutting down on meals out has been our biggest win – saving us more than £100 every month – and we’ve also found it much more satisfying cooking at home for our friends and family. 

A last minute change to our mortgage deal didn’t save us money up front, but did trim six months off our term, getting us closer to the travely retirement we both dream of.

On our trips, we’re squeezing our accommodation budgets and giving even more thought to when we want to stay somewhere nice, or even luxurious, or when ‘ok’ is good enough. The experience designer in me is thinking about when the moments of luxury can be used to greatest effect – for example, at the end of a trip, or after a particularly frugal period.

This is work in progress, so I’ll report back.