10 more travel memories

A few years back I wrote this blog inspired by a post on Quora. It’s time to add another 10 to the list:

GOTHENBURG – Touring the design shops of Haga after a day of island hopping in the archipelago, and desperately searching for late night meatballs after an exhilarating Springsteen concert in the city’s stadium.

LAKE COMO – Descending into the little harbour town of Torno after hiking in the hills above the lake, not caring that we’d missed the last bus and the last ferry back to Como.

LJUBLJANA – Stealing an hour to stroll around the city at dusk on a balmy midsummer evening, weaving along the old streets and busy riverbanks.

BORMIO – Spending the day soaking at Bagni Terme Vecchi, looking out from the baths across the snow covered Italian alps and crisp blue sky, preparing for a feast of Italian comfort food.

BAGAN – Getting up at 4am, cycling into the darkness chasing twilight, and waiting in a dewy field for sunrise, completely alone among the temples and pagodas.

JAPAN – Taking the Eizan train line to Kurama, following a hilly trail to Kibune and then recovering with a midnight onsen before returning to Kyoto to explore its many coffee shops.

CINQUE TERRE – Waking at dawn to hit the high trail from Monterosso to Vernazza before the temperature climbed, dropping into the village, sweaty and smug, just in time for breakfast.

STOCKHOLM – Stopping for more than our fair share of fika in city’s beautifully designed cafes.

OMAN – Finishing a long day of hiking among the rose bushes and terraces of the Jebel Akhdar mountains in a soothing pool looking across the valley.

TEIGNMOUTH – Delighting in an impromptu visit to the Devonshire coast, enjoying local ales, cake, fresh seafood and a boat trip across the estuary to neighbouring Shaldon.